Is it really you?
I don't know who you were talking about or who else might have fit the description you have mentioned. But when I read it, I felt the same feeling in the pit of my stomach when something similar had occurred before. I had the strangest feeling that it was me.

Please let me know.

I feel like I know you somehow and that there is something - someone - keeping us away from each other. For some reason not known to me, I have always found you to be extremely interesting and I would love to meet you one day. We're closer than you think. In fact, someone you know lives in my building.

I mean, there would be way too many coincidences for it not to be you.
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Best wishes and even better intentions

Essentials of Immunology. How exciting. I have been spending way too much time on this. I also have economics to study for, but something compelled me to write this.

I doubt that you come by livejournal anymore. In fact, I am not afraid to admit that this post could be completely pointless. But if you do come by, I wish for you to see this:
Love is as real as anything elseCollapse )

You wrote this for me several summers ago - I miss talking to you.
Last night, as I was flipping through old pictures and reminiscing about that particular point of my life, I thought of you. Talking to you made me a better and a more open-minded person. If you see this, know that I will be taking these words to heart.

Thank you.
I hope there's some way that I could get in contact with you again.
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